Winter is coming...

Hello everyone! As this is my first blog post, what better way to start than with a photo shoot? I had the privilege of photographing a very beautiful Swiss lady, named Alessandra, for an International Beauty Contest 2 weeks ago, and managed to squeeze in a bit of extra time to try out a portrait I had wanted to do with her for weeks. I'm really happy with the photographs we took for the contest, unfortunately I can't show them to the rest of the world until early December, BUT, I can publish our mini shoot on here, today!

I was inspired by winter coming and wanted to shoot something darker and colder than my usual colourful stuff. We went for warrior/witch inspired make up, simple black airbrushing from the hairline to smudged below the eyes, Alessandra has excellent bone structure so she didn't need anything else. She has bright pink hair in colour (which you will see in the IBC photographs) and this translated really well into black and white tones.