Self Portraits

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate taking my own photograph. I've always seen myself as belonging the 'other side' of the lens. To me, it feels like an uncomfortable vanity to photograph myself; that either I am fishing for compliments (I'm not) or I think that I'm so great, my face is worthy of photographing (I don't.) I have moderately good bone structure and I don't despise my features (I'm never going to have anyone else's so I may as well accept my own), but as with any person who has seen their own reflection everyday for the entirety of their lives; I'm sick of my own face, it's dull, it doesn't excite me, I don't want to fixate on it like I do other peoples faces/bone structures/unique features.

That being said, sometimes it's nice having a resource right there for a quiet evening when you've nothing else to do - and you bought these contact lenses for Halloween and then never used them - and they make you feel sufficiently odd and detached from the image you're used to seeing in the mirror. It's like being someone else for the few hours, someone creepier, someone, less human (sometimes that seems like quite the achievement.)

So, with that in mind, here is a set of photographs of my own face - inspired by some Pagan make up I saw on Pinterest, and the urge to use black contact lenses; because they make everyone look animalistic and feral, and that makes me happy.